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We are proud to introduce, for our members, the "SHAKE YOUR TAIL FEATHERS" badge system. It's a system that we pretty much copied/stole from the Apple Creek Cloggers club. Our system includes die cast and enamel feathers that will attach to your name badge.

How does it work?

It's quite simple. After you join the Silverhawk Stompers each class attendance, each activity, each performance you participate in earns you points toward feathers. When you have earned 10 points you are awarded an enamel feather.

What counts?

  • * Become a member of the Stompers (1 pt.)
  • * Every class you attend counts (6 classes = 1 pt.)
  • * Every performance you participate in counts (1 pt.)
  • * Attend clogging club functions, including but not limited to:

    • - Stomper's County Fair performance (1 pt.)
    • - The Barn Dance (1 pt.)
    • - Open Cloggers Day at the San Diego County Fair (1 pt.)
    • - California Spectacular (1 pt.)
    • - Blast to the Past (1 pt.)
    • - Clog for the Cause (1 pt.)
    • - Possum Trot (1 pt.)
    • - Northern California Cloggers Assoc. (NCCA) Convention (1 pt.)
    • - Southern California Cloggers Assoc. (SCCA) Convention (1 pt.)
    • - Apple Creek's Country Fair (1 pt.)
    • - Raylin's Anniversary Dance in December (1 pt.)

Membership cost & benefits...

$20.00 per member per calendar year includes:

  • * Membership with the Southern California Clogging Association which includes:

    • - Discount admission to the SCCA convention
    • - A subscription to the SCCA newsletter, The Footnote
    • - Secondary health insurance through SCCA

  • * Membership with the Silverhawk Stompers which includes:

    • - Engraved name badge
    • - Participation in the "Shake Your Tail Feathers" movement
    • - Discount admission to The Barn Dance in October

Additional information:

Our membership enrollment is open at all times; however, our membership drive begins in September for the following calendar year. Enroll in the Silverhawk Stompers now! Don't miss out on the fun!

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